Girl Crush

My sisters and I were supposed to model Halloween costumes on The Today Show when I was 5 years old. I was less excited about the gig than about spending time with the most exciting woman in the world; “Aunt” Barbara” was worldly and smart, clever and shrewd, sexy and delightful… Not that I’d put it into those words at that age. What I could have told you was that she was the first woman I ever saw play chess. There she was, Uncle Lee’s inamorata (soon to be wife), impossibly chic and beautiful, reclining on a chaise by the pool. She’d move a chess piece almost casually (or so it seemed to me) as she spoke about worldly things like politics, business, news. And then she blew my mind by taking the time to explain her strategy to a painfully shy girl. She was also the first feminist I ever met, although I didn’t realize it at the time. And I was smitten. Growing up, watching my chess teacher take on the world always gave me a thrill.


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