Life Lessons

I never really “got” Herman’s Hermits – until one magical day when they played Westbury Music Fair. It was a few years past their prime and Peter Noone had longer, lighter, flyaway hair. A pre-cursor to Farrah. He wore a gender bending paisley velvet pant suit. I was in the 1st row and OMG did I need a drool cup. I was prepubescent and he was gorgeous. I dreamt of him that night. Not much later I saw Judy Garland in what became her farewell tour – also at Westbury – and wouldn’t you know it, she wore the same exact Peter Noone pantsuit! I only found the juxtaposition humorous in hindsight – and with distance. In the moment I was inexorably sad. Here was a woman I’d loved all of my life fading away and begging for approval. I’d expected so much, was so eager to see her. She showed up late and was nothing of what I’d expected, but in a much sadder way than Peter Noone was nothing of what I’d expected. Together, they were life lessons about celebrity and expectations.


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